Easy To Use

User friendly smooth navigation

Multiple Language Support

Provide wayfinding with different languages

Outdoor-Indoor transition

Smooth outdoor to indoor and indoor to outdoor navigation

Smart Search

Oncology or Cancer ? Pediatry or Children ? Our smart search knows all.

Location based visual messages

Interact with your patients. Provide relevant messages at relevant places.

Navigation over live camera

Not good at reading maps ? Use Live camera feed.

What Makes Our Indoor Wayfinding Solution is Best?

Turn By Turn Navigation

Route preview and step-by-step directions, directional blue dot and snap to route, off route notification and recalculation, offline navigation and smooth navigation experience with predictive walking algorithm.

Voice Guidance

Audio prompts and voice guidance support for visually disabled users.

Text Guidence

Text guidance with voice support.

Out of Route and Re-Routing

Out of route warning and auto re-routing for smooth navigation experience.

Accessibility Routes

Specific route calculation for accessibility routes.

Sensor Fusion Technology

Sensor Fusion technology increases location accuracy and detect patient location.

Smart Search

Smart searches like Cancer/Oncology, Children/pediatry.

Search by voice

Patients can search a poi with voice instead of searhing or texting.

Categorization of POI's

Amenities, Parking, Clinics, Administrative departments

Multilanguage support

Supports Spanish,English,Arabic and more.

Find My Friend Function

A user location can be shared and can be used as a destination

Save My Location

Users can save a specific location to use it in the future

Building to Building Navigation

Smooth navigation from one building to another. Indoor - Outdoor transition is seemless

Visual landmark aided Navigation

Visual landmark pictures are used to help users to understand indoor map.

Real time Camera feed navigation

User screen is divided with camera + map visual to guide the patient with visual navigation.